MobiDirekt UG was founded in Dresden in 2019 by a German, a French and a Polish citizen. The three founders, who have worked for many years in the EU Erasmus+ programme at Europa-Direkt e.V., have combined and perfected their experience and know-how in project management for hosting and supervising interns, particularly from Poland and France.

In the meantime MobiDirekt UG has been working successfully for several years as a host organisation for both groups and individual trainees from all over the EU. The MobiDirekt team sees itself as an organiser of international educational projects with a professional background. We ensure a qualified exchange of experience within the framework of study trips and bring the economy and trainees, pupils, students and job seekers together with numerous internships. Regardless of the framework in which an internship takes place, regardless of how long the internship is to last, regardless of which industry is to be the focus - we (almost) always find a solution and can make very diverse offers.

On the pages - Our Work - and - Team - you can gain an insight into our working methods and principles and see who is behind MobiDirekt UG.