Erasmus+ is an EU-funded training programme which aims to promote the international mobility of trainees and jobseekers in order to contribute to intercultural understanding and to increase the chances of jobseekers on the international labour market.

Our interns are placed with us by training centres, universities and other sending organisations in France, Poland, Switzerland and Estonia.

No, it is not necessary to pay the interns as it is part of the Erasmus+ programme and participants already receive a stipend for this. The internship is thus entirely free of charge for the companies who are willing to accept interns.

Yes, the interns are insured during their stay through our agency as well as through the respective sending organizations.

We work together with a variety of accommodations. Accommodation in host families is also possible. The type of accommodation differs depending on the project and is determined by the sending organization.

The trainees will receive a public transport ticket, which will enable them to travel around the area where they work and live.

Whether and to what degree an intern has German language skills varies from intern to intern. This information can usually be found in the CVs of the interns. However, the interns receive a linguistic training before starting their internship and MobiDirekt UG provides an interpreter at the beginning of the internship for the briefing on the first working day.

There is always a way to make yourself understood - whether with hands and feet, by drawing or by means of various online tools. Google Translate proves to be a useful tool for translating texts into all languages quickly and effectively on the spot using a smartphone.

The duration of the internship is between 3 and 26 weeks, depending on the project and / or intern.

The usual working hours are between 35 and 40 hours per week.

Depending on the area of work, it may be possible for interns to work on weekends.

Depending on the area of work, it is possible for interns to work in shifts. This also applies to night shifts.

The age of the interns varies between 15 and 30 years, depending on the project. In most projects, however, the interns are already of age. If necessary, we will of course ensure that we only place interns who have reached legal age.

Yes, if there is sufficient workload for the interns, it is also possible to take on more than one intern.