The most important things you should bring with you are work clothes, your identity card, your health insurance card, enough cash, a passport photo and your work certificates.

We work together with a variety of accommodations. All offer sufficient space and have both single and double rooms. Accommodation in host families is also possible. Your sending organization will tell you which type of accommodation is right for you.

No. Smoking is strictly prohibited in any of our accommodations. However, there are designated outdoor areas in some accommodation where smoking is permitted.

You will receive a public transport ticket that will allow you to travel around your accommodation and workplace. You will also receive a map of the public transport network, as well as information about the most popular smartphone apps that you can use to get information about public transport connections.

There is always a way to make yourself understood - whether with hands and feet, by drawing or by means of various online tools. Google Translate is proving to be a useful tool for quickly and effectively translating texts into all languages on the spot with your smartphone.

In this case, you should call your supervisor at work first thing in the morning and contact us. We will then arrange a doctor's appointment for you.

Since you are only doing an internship, no one expects you to know everything already. Always try to do your work to the best of your ability and remember: you are there to learn.

Yes, a feedback session is planned halfway through the internship. An evaluation meeting follows at the end of the internship. In case of problems or questions, you can always contact us or your supervisor at work independently of these evaluation moments.

In this case you should contact your local supervisor at work. He will take the necessary steps and get help if necessary.

Yes, you will receive an Erasmus+ certificate at the end of your placement confirming your participation in the placement.

In this case you should talk to your supervisor or contact us.