Before you come to us

Once you register with us as an internship candidate, we will first get to know each other by email and on the phone. We want to know exactly what motivates you to do an internship abroad, what goals you set yourself and what requirements (level of training, experience, language skills, etc.) you have. When all questions have been clarified, we will look for a suitable company for your assignment. We will place you in a company with which we have already had good experience or find a new company that matches your profile. This will give you an insight into everyday working life in your desired job. If you already have work experience in your field, you can now expand this to include intercultural aspects and draw an international comparison.

But before you can start, there are still some organizational details of your stay to clarify: travel, accommodation, if necessary catering, mobility with public transport etc. - we will of course discuss all of this with you.

Meaningful application documents - cover letter and CV - are important for your placement. We will tell you which information these documents should contain for a successful application.


Welcome to Dresden

Everything is set and you are good to go. We have found a suitable company for you, the apartment is booked, a monthly pass for commuting to work and for leisure activities has been purchased and you know how to get to us and where we will meet you. Welcome to Dresden!

After your arrival, we go through all the important points together, get to know the city, give you helpful tips for orientation and your every-day life in Dresden. We will also answer all your questions and help you get started.

You are now well prepared for what is to come. We encourage you to do a lot in your free time, to be mobile, to walk through the city with open eyes and to perceive a lot, because this way you collect a lot of impressions and enrich your international experience.


The internship begins
We have made an appointment for the start of your internship and we will accompany you on your first day at the company. You can now get to know your boss, your colleagues, the entire work environment and the tasks ahead. Some things, e.g. parts of the occupational health and safety instruction can be very demanding in a foreign language, which is why we are happy to translate them so that you can fully understand everything and make a good start at your new working place. Every beginning is difficult and the first few days of your internship will certainly demand a lot of commitment and the ability to adapt. But you are by no means on your own - a member of our team will be available for you to answer all your questions throughout the entire internship.
We want you to learn as much as possible during your internship, which is why it is important to us that you act independently. Dare to communicate and make arrangements with your supervisors regarding working hours, details of field assignments, sick leaves etc. yourself. You are also welcome to discuss your questions and concerns with us and get advice. If you get stuck, we will of course help you out.

We keep in regular contact with your internship company and will also have many opportunities to exchange ideas with you. So we are aware of how you are doing and how your work colleagues perceive you. If you encounter any problems, you are always welcome to contact us.

Around the middle of the internship and at its end, we will also organize an official evaluation round at which you, your internship supervisor from the company and a member of our team will be present. However, if you run into difficulties, you shouldn't wait that long. Most problems can be resolved quickly in an open discussion. In our experience, some problems result from difficulties in communication or from a lack of intercultural experience (whether with the intern or the company's employees). Addressing the problems will help and we are happy to mediate. So you definitely shouldn't wait until little things grow into insurmountable problems and escalate.


But the internship experience does not only consist of work

It is exactly like that. We are happy to organize a cultural program and excursions for our groups or individual guests, which round off the professional experience. We are also happy to give you tips on what to see in the area and point out cultural events that should not be missed. For an initial overview, simply take a look at the relevant information on our website. Dresden and the surrounding area have a lot to offer and Prague, Leipzig and Berlin are a stone‘s throw away from Dresden too!