We cooperate with a number of training centers and other partners in Poland, France, Switzerland and Estonia, from whom we regularly receive groups of trainees.

In addition to young professionals, these are primarily students and trainees aged between 15 and 30 from various fields.

Since the age and background as well as the individual work experience of each intern varies greatly, suitability and areas of application must be individually coordinated for each project.

For this purpose, interested companies receive the curriculum vitae of the potential interns in advance and the area of assignment, scope of work (usually 35 - 40 working hours per week) as well as the length of the internship are contractually agreed.

The interns' stays vary from two to twenty-six weeks, depending on the project. During this time, the interns are supervised by our international team and prepared by us as well as by their training center both linguistically and culturally for this exciting experience.

Since the internships are funded by the European Social Fund and / or the EU-funded Erasmus+ training program, the internships arranged by us are always free of charge and free of costs for the companies. The interns are insured during the time of the internship through our agency and the underlying Erasmus+ program. You can find more information about this on the website of the Erasmus+ program.